Don't Let Go (Hold on)

Don't Let Go (Hold on)

Album : Fragment of a Confession (2007)

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Best quality: "A Fragment of a Confession" Artist: Kopas Release Date: May 15, 2007 A Fragment of a Confession is the latest project from Ivan Kopas, a.k.a NuSound. This is Kopas' most personal release to date showcasing not only his music but draws on his inspiration from Robert Browning’s poem “Pauline, a Fragment of a Confession.” Utilizing Browning’s vivid imagery; Ivan’s music skirts around sensual landscapes of lush Rhodes keys, seductive percussion and intimate strings. He is a master at fleshing out dynamic emotions in the most casual way…when you least expect it. Middle-eastern grooves flow into crisp breakbeat and tribal elements blend into a swirling helix of deeply relaxing & chilled tunes. A Fragment of a Confession traces Ivan’s progression from his dimly lit studio to your speakers – offering only a slight ‘confession’ of his own through his music.